This is not a movement against anything in particular, but rather, a movement in favor of peace, goodness, order, and fraternity, to name a few.
-Divaldo Franco

Copyright © 2008 Peace and You Movement  - An initiative of Divaldo Franco 
Rua Jayme Vieira Lima, 104 - Pau da Lima, Salvador, Bahia - Brazil
- All rights reserved -
"Paz pela Paz" (Peace for Peace) by the brazilian composer and singer Nando Cordel is considered the song of the Peace and You movement in Brazil. Download  video (14MB) -  windows  or  mac
Peace of the World.  The peace of the world begins in you
(duration 2:12min)
"Peace vs. Violence" - What is violence? (duration 3:03min)
The Beginning  of the Peace and You Movement in Salvador, BA
- Brazil by Divaldo Franco (duration 3:37min)
Lauching of the 1st U.S. Peace and You Movement with Divaldo Franco on October 19, 2008 in Baltimore, MD. Presented by Vanessa Anseloni (president of the Spiritist Society of Baltimore) - 10:27min
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