This is not a movement against anything in particular, but rather, a movement in favor of peace, goodness, order, and fraternity, to name a few.
-Divaldo Franco

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Rua Jayme Vieira Lima, 104 - Pau da Lima, Salvador, Bahia - Brazil
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The Peace and You movement has spread out  to other cities in Brazil  as well as in other countries
   A new era is here for the dissemination of peace proposals among human beings on Earth.  Through his inspirational words, our illustrious demagogue, Divaldo Franco, herald of Spirituality, has devoted himself to alerting human beings' civic consciousness to the grand project of the moral edification of Humanity.  Divaldo Franco always visits the peripheral communities of chosen neighborhoods of Salvador and its suburbs, taking to the public plaza, the proposal of Peace and non-violence.

   This is a partnership between the Mansion of the Way  and the neighboring communities, which will serve to call attention to the big event on the evening of December 19th, 2007, the official day of the Peace and You Movement in Salvador.  This event is part of the civic and cultural events calendar of the city and has been sanctioned by the mayor of the city, Dr. Antônio Imbassahy in the year 2000.  Moreover, this will mark the 11th year since the movement began.

   This project certainly opens up a path of light so that the ideals of fraternity are brought to those who are weary and burdened with great needs, to where violence infiltrates, as well as to other places.
   Other neighborhoods will be included in the schedule of events, foretelling new days to come, when peace will dilute the shadows and education will sweep from Earth the dark night of ignorance.

   This is a daring proposal.  According to Divaldo Franco, "if the peripheral communities do not have access to a place where they can hear the message of love, for reasons that do not merit scrutiny here, the light will have to go to them so that the circuit of love may close, lighting up new paths."

   Peace and You Trophy

   The Peace and You Trophy was instituted in 2000 with the objective of embodying the message of solidarity and fraternity professed by the Mansion of the Way.  Created by the medium and speaker Divaldo Pereira Franco, the trophy is given to living individuals who distinguish themselves nationally and internationally for promoting action against violence and for the well-being of society.

   Three segments of the community that work on behalf of Humanity are chosen for recognition: the community action organizations; the companies that sponsor community assistance programs; the person who is self-giving.

The Peace and You Movement in Peripheral Neighborhoods
Divaldo speaks on the 10th Peace and You Movement in Salvador, BA - Brazil (Photos - Top: Curuzu neighborhood. Botton: Praca do Campo Grande on Dec 19, 2007)

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