"This is not a movement against anything in particular, but rather, a movement in favor of peace, goodness, order, and fraternity, to name a few."
-Divaldo Franco
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"The peace that begins with me will foster peace in the world". 
- Divaldo Franco
Mansão do Caminho
Thursday, March 27, 2014
7pm - 11pm

National Musem of Women in the Arts
1250 New York Ave. NW
Washington, DC 2005
Free Parking at Green City Parking
(Entrance at H Street, between 12/13 St.)

Non-perishable food items or
a coat for the DC shelter
Healing with the Gospel in Today's World
- Divaldo P. Franco
Doctor Honoris Causa in Humanities, Ambassador of Peace, International Spiritist Medium, Speaker and Humanitarian.
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Effects of Doing Good on Health
- Stephen G. Post, PhD
Dr. Post is the best-selling author of The Hidden Gifts of Helping (2011) as listed by the Wall Street Journal. He speaks widely on themes of benevolent love and compassionate care at the interface of science, health, spirituality, and philanthropy. His work has been featured in periodicals such as Parade Magazine and O: The Oprah Magazine, and on such media venues as The Daily Show, John Stossel, 20/20 and Nightline. He has addressed the U.S. Congress on volunteerism and public health. More about Dr. Post at www.stephengpost.com.
The Gospel According to Spiritism
150th Years Anniversary
of Its Publication

"Helping others in ways small and large without being limited by a "payback" mentality is as good for the giver as for the recipient."
- Stephen Post
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